Chachi Ki Khayal

Chachi Ki Khayal

one fine day, I got a call from my chacha. He told me that my chachi fell from stairs and had some serious injury in her legs. I was told to come there as soon as possible. I reached their house in the next morning. I met chacha. He looked quite tensed and chachi was laying on bed.

Chacha : beta, I am in a tough situation.
Me : what happened?
Chacha : I cant stay here. I have to go to kolkata by evenings train and there is no one here to look after your chachi.
Me : dont worry. I will stay here and look after my chachi.

Chacha seemed happy.

Chacha : I have put her medicines on the side table and oil for her leg massage.
Me : ok I will see it.

Chacha left the house. I sat on the bed beside chachi.
Me : chachi, how is the pain now?
Chachi : it’s still paining. I can’t move my legs.

It was 9 pm. I prepared food for my chachi and my six year old cousin.

After having dinner, I gave her medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Cousin went to his room to sleep. I was sitting on chair to the left of chachis bed. She was in a purple saree with a sleeveless blouse.

Me : chachi. Let me now give you a nice leg massage.
Chachi : okay

She slid her saree and petticoat upto her upper thighs. I got aroused when her silky white thighs got uncovered. I poured oil all over her legs and thighs. I gently rubbed her ankle, legs, knee and thighs. My fingers trembled when I touched the tip of her panty. I did rubbing and mid squeezing of her thighs for an hour. She slept like that with her thighs exposed. I didnt cover them up as they were still oily. On the next day, I started to think the dirty things about my chachi. I thought I had a good chance to explore her private parts . In the daytime, chachi seemed happy with me.

Chachi : yesterday, you massaged so well that I slept quite early.
Me : well, it’s my first experience as a masseur.
Chachi ( with surprise) : oh and you did it so nicely.

I smiled.

Night came. We already finished our dinner. Chachi was peeing in the bathroom. She knocked.

Chachi : beta, I am done.
Me : ok I am coming in.

I took her from bathroom to her bed by providing her the support of my body during which I felt her boobs and tummy. Like the previous night, she was wearing that purple saree. This time I myself uncovered her thighs. She didnt mind. I massaged her thighs till she slept.

I (in a low voice) : chachi ?

She didnt respond. I thought she was in deep sleep. I stared at her body. She might be around 32 years old. I removed the pallu of her saree from her breasts and licked her shoulders, arms and armpits. After that, I carefully pulled down her panty and put it aside. I got excited to see her beautiful pussy. Her pussy lips were pink and surrounded by short hair. Since just before going to bed, she pissed, her pussy smelled like urine. I couldnt resist that nice odour and started to lick her pussy. Chachi got up and shouted at me.

Chachi : what are you doing here?
Me : I will just lick and go.
Chachi ( with anger ) : stop it or I will tell your parents.

She was resisting by pushing my head away.

Luckily she couldnt move her legs due to pain. I didnt really cared about her scolding and resistance. I kept licking and moving my tongue inside her pussy.

Chachi : oh. Stop it. Dont you know that my legs are injured?
Me : let me do what I want to do and I will go.
Chachi : no. It’s not good. I am your chachi.

Her resistance became stronger when I put my tongue further inside her pussy.

Chachi (moaned) : ahh.
I probed my tongue inside her asshole.
Chachi ( with resistance ) : no.

I kissed her asshole and licked it nicely. I finally clothed her and put back her saree. Chachi looked at me with anger but didnt say anything. I left the room and slept in another room. In the morning, I prepared breakfast for them. Cousin left the house for school. With some courage, I went to chachis room and put her breakfast on the side table. She was facing the other side.

Me : please forgot what happened the last night.
Chachi : just shut up and leave.
Me : how can I? You are not well.
Chachi : then why did you do it?
Me : I didnt have any such intentions. I just lost my control after seeing your thighs.

Chachi ( melted down) : beta. I know it’s difficult for you but there are barriers in relationships which shouldnt be crossed.

Me : I will remember it.
Chachi : alright. Since you have realized your mistake, I wont tell anyone what happened yesterday.

On the third night, when I was giving her leg massage, I thought I should not miss this chance to fuck her.

Me ( during massage ) : chachi, how are your legs now?
Chachi : much better. Its only because of your massage.
Me : actually I want to tell you something.
Chachi : what?

She noticed the bulge in my lower.

Me : I am having sleepless night these days.
Chachi : why?
Me : actually when I massage your thighs, I get aroused and my cock stiffens and it remains stiff whole night.
Chachi : oh take it out and let me see.

I pulled off my underwear and showed her my cock.

Chachi : at your age, its normal. I know its difficult for you to relax your cock with your tired fingers. So I am gonna do it for you.

She took my cock in her hand and started to move it.

Chachi ( watching at me) : you have such a big cock.

She surprisingly sniffed my cock. I felt current in my body. I thought I shouldnt let it relax and control myself. She had then started licking it and taking it deep into her throat. She made every effort to relax it but failed.

Chachi : oh. Now I understand why you cant sleep.
Me : can you do something?
Chachi : there is now only one way left. You have gotta put your cock inside my pussy and move it.
Me : okay
Chachi : but dont forget to take it out before you come. I dont want pregnancy.
Me : okay

She took off all her clothes.

Chachi : put your cock inside my pussy.

I did what she said. I kissed her lips and slipped my huge cock in her womb. She shouted but I locked her lips with mine. She was feeling the pain.

Chachi : I had never taken such a big cock inside me.
Me : I am feeling very good.
Chachi : me too but its wrong. I am doing it only because you didnt sleep for the last three days.

I was talking to her and sliding my cock in and out. Chachi was enjoying the fucking. I was biting her lips and sucking her saliva. After fucking her for hours, I felt like I was gonna explode in her.

Me : I am gonna cum.
Chachi : do it inside. I want your baby.

I released my seed inside her as she said and kept my cock like that. When I woke up in the morning, I found chachi in some stress.

Me : what happened?
Chachi : your chacha will divorce me if he comes to know that I am pregnant.
Me : tell him that its him only who did it when he was drunk.
Chachi : okay

I fucked her whole day and night till chacha came back from kolkata.

Her legs became completely fine. Chacha thanked me for that. I left their house happily. If any girl or aunty is interested in having secret relationship with me then message me.


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