Apni Maa Ka Pati

My name is Sumit (Munna). My father was an army officer and posted in IPKF Sri Lanka . he died in a war in 1990. I was ten year old that time. My mother joined as school teacher after his death. This is a true story that happens in 1995 when I was only fifteen year old and studied in class 10th.I was virgin and just discovered masturbation. I didn’t know any thing about sex. My mother was 35 year old beautiful woman that time. She still looked beautiful without any makeup. She was one of those natural beauties. As I was her only issue ,we loves each other very much. We always sleep together in same bed. She remembers my father very much and often cry in his memories. I always consol my mother by wiping her tears. One night I was sleeping with mommy.

She was watching my face in very special way. I asked-“aise kya dekh rahi ho mummy ?” she told with full of love in her eyes-“tu ekdam apne papa jaisa hota ja raha hai…..wohi aankhe…wohi chehra..wohi naak..wohi lips. Tujhe dekhti hoo to aisa lagta hai ki tere papa phir se mere paas aa gaye hai” .I saw her eyes full of tears-“don’t cry mummy , mai tujhe papa ki kami kabhi nahi hone doonga” “sach kah raha hai tu” “haa mummy” she started kissing my face madly. Then she put her lips upon my lips and gave me a deep sensational kiss. It was a very new feeling for me.The touch of Mummy’s lips upon my lips are very sensational and took me in new pleasure I never felt earlier. She told softly-“kal school mat jana” “kyo mummy” “beta kal special din hai..hum puja karne mandir chalenge” “kaisi puja ?” “kal nayee jindgi ki shuruaat hai..isliye puja karni hai” “kaisi shuruaat mummy” “she smiled-“kal bataungi.. ab tu so ja”.And she took me in her arms very closely. next day in morning she gave me new kurta and pyjama . “naha kar ye naye kapde pahan lo. Phir hum mandir challenge” I took bath and wore new dress given by her. She was also wearing new saari. She took me to temple and their a pujari did very long whole day puja for us. Returning to home she took me in front of puja almirah of our home. She did a small puja.Then she put one garland in my neck. She gave me another garland-“ab ise tum mere gale me daalo”. I followed her instruction and put the garland in her neck.

 Then she gave me a neckless of gold with black cord. “ab tum mujhe ise pahna do “. I did it. Then she gave me a dibbi of sindoor and told-“ab is sindoor ko meri maang me laga do”. I didn’t understand what she was doing and what was its meaning. I did whatever was she telling. I put sindoor in her empty maang. Then I saw she shut her eyes and her face appeared with happiness. Then she bowed down and touches my feet. I told loudly-“ye kya kar rahi ho maa” She smiled and told –“tere per chhoo rahi ho. Ab aaj se tu mera pati hai aur mai teri patni hoo.tum mere suhag ho” I surprised-“ye kya kah rahi ho maa” “mai sach kah rahi hoo. Maine tujhse aaj shaadi kar lee hai. Ab tu hi mera pati hai. Aaj ham dono ki shadi ho gayee hai. Bhagwan iske sakchhi hai” I was very much confused and could not understand whatever she told. Then she took my hand and led me in another room. She was very happy . she gave me many sweets and prasad to eat. She told me today is very good day for both of us. She gave me very delicious dinner . At about 10 pm in night She went inside the bed room and told me-“munna jab tak mai naa bulau is kamre me nahi aana” after 2 hours she called me-“munna yaha aao” When I enter in room I surprised to see the room. Our bed is fully decorated by flowers, scented agarbatti was burning. Mummy was sitting on bed . she was wearing dark red saari and full jwelery like a new bride. I asked- “ye kya hai mummy?” “mai teri dulhan bani hoo..aaj humari suhag raat hai”

“suhaag raat kya hota hai?” she smiled -“pati-patni ka Milan” “kaisa Milan? “ “mai tujhe sab bataungi, pahle hu yaha aa..mere paas baith” I sat upon bed near to my mother. She came closer to me. “mujhe dekho , mai kaisi lag rahi hoo ?” “aap bahout khoobsoorat lag rahi hai “ she put her arms around my neck. She smiled with love and kissed my cheeks and lips. Then she smiled and told-“ab mera doodh peelo”.There she laid down and asked me to lie beside her. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and and bra .. I saw her huge sized breast bounced. She put my hands upon her breast. “ye tujhe achchhe lagte hai naa?” .“haa mummy”. Mummy thrusted her right nipple in my mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started pressing it. But milk was not coming. Mother laughed and said \”Poor boy, tum bhool gaye ki mummy ka doodh kaise peete hai, bahut saal ho gaye..mere stan ko aur jada muh ke andar lo aur phir ise chooso.”I sucked mummy’s wam and soft huge breasts as per her instructions. She moaned-\”ahhh.beta..uuussssshhhhhhhh..yeh kya..achhaaaa lag raha hai\”. A fter few minutes I observed that mummys brasts became firm and nipples became long and hard. Mother said \”bas ab choosna band kar de, munna”. But I said, \”Mommy, please mujhe thoda aur choosne do naa, apke stan bahut mulayam aur chikne hai.”. she told-. “to isse khelo na…ise dabao. Mere nipples ko kheencho.” With both hands I cupped her breasts and slowly massaged them. As I pressed mommy’s breast and pulled her nipples. She moaned—aaaaaah aaaaah.. Then she unbuttoned my kurta and baniyan . she moved her hands very softly upon my hairless chest. She kisses my chest. I liked the way she was doing with me.

Then she opened nara of my pyjama and slid it down. Now I was only in underwear. She was sitting and told me to stand up. “ ab tu mujhe apna lund dikha de”’ “lund kya hota hai?” mummy slid down my underwear and took my little thin penis in her hand. With the touch of her hands my cock vibrated. She took my cock with affectionful eyes She smiled and said-“ise lund kahte hai” . she moved her hand on my penis , I felt excitation and my cock started getting hard. Then mommy brought her face closer to my small cock , she put her lips and kissed it. Mommy opened her mouth and took my cock inside her mouth. She started sucking my cock. I felt pleasure. I told-“oh..mommy.. ye aap kya kar rahi hai” . she took out my cock for a second , looked at my eyes and mummy smiled-“mai tera lund choos rahi ho..bata kaisa lag raha hai” and mummy started sucking my cock again. I was moaning with pleasure-“aah mummy…bahut achchha lag raha hai…” after few minutes of sucking she told me “ aaj mai tujhe bahut pyaar doongi “and she started opening her petticoat and then slid down her panty. Now mummy was completely naked . she was looking like beautiful angel. I was starring my mother’s beautiful naked body. Then she told – “ab tu meri choot ka chumma le” I asked –“choot kya hota hai ?”.she laughted –“choot nahi janta.. wohi se to tu bahar nikla tha” she guided my mouth toward her cunt-“ye choot hai , iska chumma le” I put my mouth upon my mother’s cunt , felt exciting musky smell and took a kiss. She moaned-“aaaaaaaah .. aur choomo ise” I did again. She moaned-“aaaaah aaaaaah….ise chaato….ise chooso” .

Now I started licking and sucking my mother’s smooth hairless cunt . The taste of mother’s cunt juice was very good. mummy was moaning loudly and madly-“aaah…bahut achcha lag raha hai…..haaaai re……oooooh …..mery choot ko chat te raho…..uuuuffffff………tum bahut achche ho…….aaaaah….meri choot ka ras pee lo…….seeeeeeeee…ahaaaa….ab dekho waha par ek suraak  hai, us chhed me tum apni jeebh daal do……ueeee” I saw mummys choot closely and found a big pink hole. I put my finger upon her hole and asked-“mummy isme jeebh ghusau.n ?” “haa isi me ghusa de”.Then I inserted my tounge inside that pink hole. Mummy cried with pleasure-“oooooooeeeeeee mai mar gai….mere munne tune meri choot me kya jadu kar diya ….aaaaaah….”. I was countinously rubbing her deep hole with my tounge” after few minutes of getting mummy’s cunt licking she told me –“meri choot me tune aag laga di hai, ab tu mere ooper let ja aur mujhe chod “ I asked- “mummy chod kya hota hai ?” she told-“chod matlab tu apna lund meri choot ke chhed me ghusa de.. jaldi karo…hai re”. I laid upon mummy’s naked body. Mummy uplifted her legs and spread her legs wide apart. My small cock was touching her big cunt. As mummy’s cunt was much wet and slippery my cock was slipping around her hole. I applied thrust but it did not go inside her. “with closed eyes she was whispering-“ aaah….der mat karo….jaldi se mujhe chodna shuru karo….dalte kyo nahi ho….hai re” I told-“mummy ander nahi ghus raha hai” she put a pillow behind her hips and picked my small cock with her one hand guided upon her cunt hole and then she pressed my hips down by her other hand. My cock went inside her wide open cunt. She cried-“aaaaaaaaa “ I fell down upon her body. My face fell down upon huge breasts of my pretty mummy.my breaths fastened , her face became red.she ordered me-“ab tum meri choot ko apne lund se khoob ragdo , apne lund ko meri choot me ghiso…ise ander-bahar karo.”

I was feeling the touch of mummy’s soft skin all around my body. I started rubbing her cunt passage with my cock. My small cock was moving easily in mummy’s wide slippery passage, creating a sound-FUCHH FUCHH. Mummy laughed-“tera lund to sachmuch bahut hi chhota hai re…aur meri choot dheeli hai…achcha mai apni choot tight karti hoo” mummy moved her thighs closer to each other, now I felt tightness of her cunt around my cock. Now I started fucking my lovely mother again ,she smiled-“ab theek hai”” “mummy bahut maja aa rahai hai” “abhi aur maja aayega..chodte raho..aaaaaaaaah…” “mummy tum bahut achchi ho” “haaaaai ….uuuuf…meri bekrar choot ki pyaas bujha do”..jor laga kar chodo” after 5-6 strokes my cock started vibrating inside her cunt. She told-“nahi munna..abhi nahi , itni jaldi nahi” I felt some liquid coming out from my cock in jerks.i shouted-“ooooooh……mummy oooooh” she put her hands upon my heads caressing my hairs.”koi baat nahi..ye tera pahla sex tha naa, isiliye jaldi nikal gaya..koi baat nahi”. After wearing our clothes we laid down . mummy took me in her arms she was very very happy and smiling on my shy face.

She told me-“ munna ye tera pahla chudai ka experience tha,isliye tu theek se chudai nahi kar paya, meri pyaas nahi bujha paya , par tu chinta naa kar, mai tujhe aurat ko chodna sikhaungi, aur mai tujhe chodne ka expert banaungi ” “” kaise mummy ?” “mai tujhe roj chudai ke naye naye tareeke sikhaungi…mai sikhaungi ki kaise tum apne dimag aur lund pe control kar ke jaldi jhadne se bach sakte ho aur raat bhar mujhe chod sakte ho…..munna tu seekhega naa” “haa mummy mai jaroor seekhoonga” she kissed me again and fondle me.“par mummy mera lund to bahut chhota hai…shayad isliye aapko pura maja nahi aaya” “teri umar bhi to chhoti hai..isliye tera lund chhota sa hai..par tu chinta mat kar…munna mai tere lund ko mota aur lamba bana doongi” “wo kaise mummy?” “meri choot ka garam garam ras sokh sokh kar kuchh hi mahino me tera lund mota aur tagda ho jayega..aurmai tere lund ki tel se maalish bhi kiya karoongi” “mummy tum bahut achchi ho..i love you mummy” “I love you beta…ab so jao” and I slept in mummys lovely arms with great satisfaction. next day I waked up late in morning. I saw mummy doing house hold works.

She was wearing as usual while sari, with empty maang and wrist. She caale me-“beta yaha aao ..mere paas baitho”I sat down near to mummy. She kissed me on my cheeks and told me-“beta kal raat me tujhe achchha laga?” “haa mummy kal raat to bahut achcha laga” “dekho beta..maine tujhse shaadi kar lee hai.. ye baat kabhi kisi ko mat batana..promis karo .. tujhe meri kasam” “promise mummy..mai ye baat kabhi kisi se nahi kahoonga” “beta ghar ke bahar duniya ke samne mai tei maa hoo aur tu mera beta hai..hum dono din me maa-bete hai aur raat me pati-patni” “mai samajh gaya mummy” “ab tu mera pati bhi hai naa , kya tu janta hai ki pati ki kya duty hoti hai ?” ”nahi maaloom” “beta pati ki duty hai apni patni ko khush rakhna..patni ki har ikchha poori karna…aur patni ki choot ki pyaas bujhana…patni ke tan ki aag bujhana” “mummy mai aapki choot ki pyaas roj bujhaunga” “shabass mere bachche…aaj rat se teri training shuru…aaj raat mai tujhe aasan sikhaungi” “aasan kya hota hai mummy ?” she told with naughty smile –“wo rat me bataungi” ab tu nashta karle aur school jaa” if you like this story please respond at deciboy@sify.com for its second part.

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