Ashley Fires, Anya Olsen Family Picnic 2

Mom was enjoying the sun and her time with her Son Harlo.


They talked and laughed like they used to. Harlo showed her pics from Anya’s phone of her being a complete slut. Although Mom did not like Harlo going through his Sister’s phone, she did enjoy seeing her Daughter being a slut and capturing the moments on camera. Harlo asked what Dad and Anya were doing. They had been gone for quite a while now. Mom said she didn’t care and really just wanted to spend alone time with Harlo. She told him how much she had missed him. She went to kiss and her Son pulled away. He said he didn’t want to in public and was afraid people might see. Mom said she didn’t care and neither should he. She kissed him. They made out passionately. Mom said she needed his cock. It had been so long. She started to unzip his pants and Harlo suggested they find somewhere a little more private.


They walked over behind the park bathrooms and Mommy dropped to her knees and took out her Son’s cock. She took her Boy’s beautiful cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She took it deep in her throat which always makes her pussy wet. She couldn’t wait to feel her Son’s cock in her dripping cunt. She stood up and told him to shove his cock inside of his Mothers pussy! He looked around, nervous that someone would see them. Then pushed her against the fence and started fucking her! She tells him to make Mommy cum! He fucks her hard and doesn’t care who see’s them! When he is ready to cum he pushes his Mommy on the ground and cums all over her face! Mom is very proud of her Man and starts to clean his cum on her face. Just then Dad and Anya peek around the corner. They smile and ask them what they have been up to? Mom and Harlo laugh and ask them what have they have been up to? Mom tells her Daughter to help clean up Mommy. Lick all your Brother’s cum off Mommy’s face! Anya greedily licks up every drop and then shares it with her Mommy.

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